We are located on the “campus” of Prince of Peace Lutheran Church,
434 East Aldrich Rd., Howell NJ 07731
(just east of Rt. 9, two traffic lights south of I-195).

Phone: 732-367-2544 or email--REGISTER NOW FOR FALL!!


Prince of Peace Educational Center is an accredited pre-school program operating under the supervision of the New Jersey Division of Youth and Family Services. It is a Christian non-profit institution, though welcoming people of all faiths. All tuition payments are applied directly towards staff salaries, supplies, maintenance and improvements. Any remaining money goes back into the school budget for future use.

All teachers are New Jersey State certified, with additional training arid experience in the field of Early Childhood Education. Each teacher is assisted by a capable and loving teacher­ assistant. The Center’s Director is on premises daily to supervise classes and curriculum.

The school is open from September through mid-June. Learning experiences for children 2 years 9 months through 5 years are provided in bright spacious classrooms. Each class has a limited enrollment of 15 children, who are grouped according to age.

Outdoor equipment includes climbers, slides, and sand area. These are enclosed in a safe play area with a chain-link fence surrounding it.


The Prince of Peace Educational Center curriculum includes music, science, social studies, simple cooking, dramatic play, art, show and tell, number/alphabet readiness, health and physical activities, as well as many satisfying experiences in social group living. Children are encouraged to create, explore, discover and question their physical and natural environment under the guidance of teachers who understand the nature, capabilities, and needs of young children. .

There is an old proverb: “I hear and I forget - I see and I remember - I do and I understand!” At Prince of Peace Educational Center we hope to provide your child with as many “doing” activities as possible. We strive to help the child develop a strong foundation of understanding upon which he/she can build a successful education future.

We recognize the child’s need to play, and know that much can be learned through worthwhile play activities; so we encourage active participation in brick building, kitchen/doll corner and climbing/balance areas. We also appreciate the child’s need for some quiet time activities, and provide them with time and space to explore manipulative materials, listen to a record, or browse through a variety of books.

Through various teacher planned activities, the child will be building the readiness skills necessary for future learning. Before a child can learn to read, he/she must be in control of his/her body coordination. The use of climbers, balance beams, etc. help to establish the confidence in the control of growing bodies and to encourage large motor development.

The art or craft project which your child proudly carries home is the result of his/her efforts to strengthen small muscle control and eye-hand coordination. At the same time the child will be experiencing the joy of creativity, imagination, and success!

Other planned activities will involve the child in making decisions, discoveries, and conclusions about him/herself and his/her surroundings.­ Always, the child will be actively involved in “doing” – thus gaining a better understanding and awareness of him/herself and his/her environment.


Up to now, your family home has provided your child with many opportunities for development. Now, you may be considering nursery school to help expand these experiences with other adults and children in a new learning situation. The staff at Prince of Peace Educational Center will work to provide a happy, comfortable environment in which your child will continue to grow physically, mentally, socially and emotionally. Working together with you, we hope to add enrichment to your child’s important pre-school years!

We hope that this information is just the beginning of good communications between you and Prince of Peace Educational Center. We are proud of our school and our staff; and we sincerely hope that you will be very pleased with the work we are doing.

More information is available in our booklet. Stop by during school hours or request one by phone or email. We hope that you will decide to share your child's early years with us!